Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Make Danbo Papercraft

Terimakasih telah menyempatkan waktu untuk berkunjung di Si Sarap saya yang sederhana ini. Semoga memberikan manfaat meski tidak sebesar yang Anda harapakan.
How to Make Danbo Papercraft - Did you know what is Danbo? Danbo or Danboard is a papercraft creation of Azuma Kiyokiho. He is a Yotsuba's manga author. This papercraft is very unique, action figure with human appearance with mini size (7-13 cm).

In Japan, Danbo Papercraft is sold at about 5000 yen. Wanna have Danbo papercraft? You can order in Hhmmm... it's very cute papercraft.

But, you can know how to make Danbo papercraft easily now. Seriously! You just need to download this document.
1. Danbo papercarft sketch
2. Steps

At Danbo papercraft sketch, you can edit first at Photoshop or coloring directly. Because the colours are still blank. So you can make your own Danbo creation. That's all, bro! So easy rigth? You can share How to Make Danbo Papercraft for your friends, maybe they will need. But, you have to show your Danbo creation first, then give them the tutorials... :D

Below is the example of Danbo's action. Danbo in shower.

Danbo in shower


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how to make danbo

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