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Dont'be stress about PageRank, Traffic, Famous. Make it Easy!

Terimakasih telah menyempatkan waktu untuk berkunjung di Si Sarap saya yang sederhana ini. Semoga memberikan manfaat meski tidak sebesar yang Anda harapakan.
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Dont'be Stress about PageRank, Traffic, Famous. Make it Easy! - Hi, bloggers! Hi, you are who stressed about blog updating! Hi,  you are who stressed about your blog traffic! Hi, you are who stressed about PageRank!

Yeah... I know most of bloggers wanna their blog become famous. They wanna their blog has many traffic. They wanna their blog has a PageRank.

But it's can not come on instantly, friends! Have you seen a website with a lot of traffic, with big PageRank, with its popularity? I am sure, age of the website is enough old. Minimum is 1 year with updated article frequently and good  SEO.

Then we ask ourself "Can I be like this?". I will answer "Yes, you can!". Nothing can't in this world. But how can our blog has PageRank, Traffic, and has Popularity? You can try some tricks below. If yo do this, I'm sure your blog will has many customers. Even, you can get some money from your blog!

1. Create a new blog
2. Write your favorite topic
3. Choose a topic wisely
4. Use a domain that consistent with your blog's topic
5. Try to make a memorable domain
6. If you want to serious, buy a domain
7. Make a good design (template)
8. Choose appropriate widgets with your blog
9. Don't put too many widgets on the sidebar
10. Use easy-to-read text
11. Write a post with effective title
12. Put at least one picture in a post
13. Give some jokes
14. Don't copy articles from other blogs
15. Read again your post before publish
16. Edit the post more than one
17. Set the category or the label
18. Write at least 5 posts a week
19. Ping to Pingomatic and Pingoat after post
20. Write for Technorati and Ezine Articles
21. Blogwalking
22. Interact with other bloggers
23. Participate in the other bloggers project
24. Leave a useful comment
25. Become the first commentator
26. Try to always answer comments
27. Learn basics SEO
28. Use Meta Tag
29. Submit your blog to  Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
30. Register to some Social Bookmarks
31. Register to some Directories
32. Use Google Webmaster Tools
33. Use Google Analytics
34. Use Google External Keyword Tool
35. Create a list of "The Most Popular Posts"
36. Create a list of " Recent Comments"
37. Give some useful tools
38. Give some useful links
39. Use RSS Feed
40. Provide an easy way to subscribe
41. Join in some forums
42. Put a link to our blog as a signature
43. Provide an easy way for visitors to contact us
44. Try to earn money with Google AdSense, AdBrite, or Chitika
45. Don't put too many advertisements
46. Set the advertisement wisely
47. Blogging consistenly
48. Be patient
49. Be yourself
50. Make a list of this "50 Important Blogging Tips"

Most of the tricks above, I've tried on my another blog that share about some Blogger tricks, hacks, widget. Also some SEO tips I shared there. That blog has PageRank 2 (Altough I wish more ^_^), and hundreds customers from many countries. Whereas, I created this blog without any target. I just wrote, wrote, and wrote based on some SEO tricks. Then, the visitors come on my blog by itself.

I'm sure you can do that. I'm sure your blog can be famous. I'm sure your blog will has a lot of traffic. I'm sure you blog will have PageRank.

So, grab your keyboard now! Write normally! And dont'be stress about PageRank, Traffic, Famous. Make it Easy!

This tip is adapted from my another blog named Full Blog Tricks, 50 Important Blogging Tips.


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